Calculated Questions calculates a result on behalf of previous answers in the form, and inserts the results into your form. Calculated questions uses two, or more, previous answers to calculate the result. 

You can use answers from both Slider and Number questions to calculate answers in the forms.

To create Calculated Questions:

  1. Choose Calculated in Question Type.
  2. Under Answer Specification, type in the formula that you want to use for calculation. When choosing the questions, you want to include for your formula, use eg. Q1 for Question 1.
  3. If the question is in correct format (number or slider) the question will be highlighted in blue to mark that SMART-TRIAL has included the question in the formula.
  4. Press Verify Formula.
  5. If the formula is valid, a green text will appear under the formula and the formula is now ready to be used in your form. 

The calculation will be shown in the form the same way a question is shown, and the answer to the calculation will appear as soon as the questions used in the formula has been answered. 

You can use the following mathematical operators: +, -, / and *.

When questions are used in a formula, i.e they are blue, there is a link between the question and the formula. It will automatically update the question number should you want to change the order of the questions in the form.  

Calculated questions do not work in Inclusion/exclusion

Calculated Questions in SMART-TRIAL:

The layout of the calculated question above will be as seen in the picture below. Here the height and weight has been entered and the BMI has automatically been calculated and inserted into the BMI question field. When exporting the data, the BMI will appear in the export the same way as the rest of the data. 

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