A form in SMART-TRIAL is what you use to specify what data you wish to collect. If applicable, you can re-use these forms throughout your study by including them in multiple data events, or save them under your profile to use in other studies.

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Managing forms:

Use Forms overview to create and manage forms in your study. When you create a new form, the form will be visible in the Forms overview, offering a set of actions you can perform.

To create and manage forms, go to [Study Name] in the left-side menu and click on Forms.

Actions that can be taken on a selected form:

  • Preview - Click the  icon to preview the form and test its appearance and functionality, see our Preview Forms article.
  • Edit - Click the  icon to modify the form and question details.
  • Duplicate - Click the  icon to duplicate a form. 
  • Save under user profile - Click the  icon to save the form under your user profile, making it available to other studies you have access to, see Load form from profile article. 
  • Delete - Click the  icon to delete the form from the study.
  • Print Form - Print your form by clicking the  icon, see our Print Forms article. 

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Create as many forms as you need and use them in:

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