SMART-TRIAL provides three possible send out options for a subject event. 

  1. Send via E-mail: A link to the forms will be sent to the subjects by email and by accessing this link, the subjects will be redirected to answer the forms.

  2. Send via E-mail and SMS: A link to the forms will be sent to the subjects via both email and SMS, meaning that the subjects also can access and answer the forms by the use of a mobile phone. 

  3. Do not send: The subjects will not receive any link by email or SMS. This action can for instance be applied if the subjects shall fill out the forms at the place of visit. Then it is possible for the study personnel to use e.g. a tablet and scan the QR code linked to the specific data event. This will give access to the questionnaires attached to the data event and it enables the subject to answer the questions on site.

To create a Subject Event:

  1. Select Subject Event as the type
  2. Write Name for event. The name is used for internal identification only and is not visible to the subjects.
  3. Choose Activation.
  4. Choose whether to send link as Email or SMS.
  5. Select which form(s) to be filled out in the event.
  6. Force-fill-out order will force the subject to fill out the forms in the order of your choice. If chosen a number will appear in front of the forms, and you can now drag and drop the forms into the order you want.
  7. Now Specify Email Content to be sent out to the subjects.
  8. Insert Link to your study by pressing the  icon.
  9. Press Save Process or + Add Data Event

Be very aware of how you write the e-mail subject and its contents. Text in CAPS, "unnormal" e-mail subject/contents, and strange links WILL activate SPAM filters and result in e-mails not being received by subjects.

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