In SMART-TRIAL you can create/enroll new Subjects or re-enroll already existing Subjects.

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To create/enroll a new Subject:

From an existing Site

  1. Go to Sites > [Site Name].
  2. Click +New subject button.

  3. Fill in the attributes required and click Save Subject. The subject will be enrolled to the site and visible in the site overview.

Subjects exists on a study level meaning that they are unique in the study, so if they gain the study iD 001, you cannot create a second subject called 001. If multiple sites are used, use a site specific prefix or numbering scheme. Create New / Enroll Subjects(s)#enrolleSubject

To re-enroll an existing Subject:

  1. Go to Sites > [Site Name].
  2. Click Re-Enroll Subjects button.

  3. Select the Subject(s) you want to enroll and click Enroll Subject(s). The subject(s) will be enrolled to the site and visible in the site overview.

 You can enroll the same subject to multiple sites

Import subjects in bulk: 

In SMART-TRIAL it is possible to import subjects, using a .csv, to a site via list import.

Use this feature for instance if you have a register of recurring subjects.

Import subjects can be found in the Site Overview and is used on a per site basis. To import subjects click on the import button (arrow).

This will bring up a dialogue box, which explains how the .csv shall the structured. This entirely depends on the setup of your study, why the picture bellow is strictly an example.

Structure the .csv file as instructed, remember 1 subject pr row, select the file and press import.

Assuming the .csv has been structured correctly, all the subject will be enrolled to the selected site.

Public Sign Up:

Subjects can enroll themselves using a "public sign up link". These sign up links are site specific and can be shared using social media and similar methods .The subject will then enter the required information (depending on the required subject attributes which is defined by you when creating a study) and are taken to the first set of forms.

To enable public sign up, go to "Processes" → "Edit process" and then under "Advanced Options" enable "Public Registration"

To view the actual links go to "Preview process". It should look like the following:

Click on "View Sign Up Link" and select the site you wish to see the link for. Each site has its OWN link. 

Public sign up processes have language specific links, such that each language the study supports has its own link. It is still possible to change the language when on the public sign up page.

A secondary language do not has to be 100% translated to be available in the public fill out part of SMART-TRIAL. Instead the default public sign up and fill out pages will show the primary language if translations for the selected language are not available.

BUT any potential primary language MUST have 100% translation: This means if your study was created in English, but you wish to swap primary to German, the German must have 100% translation before this is allowed. To see more about translation, go to our Translations article.

Re-enrollment on Public Sign Up:

This feature allows your subjects to re-enroll themselves again to the same site, when their previous enrollment is completed.
The subjects will be matched on their email address, and other subject attributes will be updated/overwritten upon re-enrollment.

To enable re-enrollment on public sign up, go to "Processes" → "Edit process" and then under "Advanced Options" enable "public Registration" and "Public Re-enrollment".

Enroll from foreign system (API):

Enrolling subjects from foreign systems makes use of our API and one particular resource.

To enroll using foreign systems two things need to be enabled: 

  1. The "Sign Up Subject" resource
  2. The API key (contact

The resource is enabled in SMART-TRIAL, when setting up the process, under "Advanced Settings"

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