Creating an Image Chart is almost like creating a Form, but requires an image to be uploaded. Image Chart comes by default with 20 Colour Labels that the subject can use to mark areas on the image. Every mark then creates an Indication containing question(s) chosen for the Chart

To create an Image Chart:

  1. Go to [Study Name] > Forms.
  2. Click + New Form
  3. Select "Image Chart" from the Form Type drop down
  4. Enter the Name of the Chart and specify the Chart details.
  5. Upload Chart Image.
  6. Click Add Question or Information Text. A part where you can specify the question details will appear.
  7. Select Question Type or Information Text and specify the Question or Text Details.
    Add as many questions to the Chart as you want.
  8. Click Save Form.

Image Charts supports validation rules, meaning that validation rules can be used to validate the questions included in the image charts.

Note: Image chart is not support on mobile

Chart Details

  • Introduction text - A Chart can contain an introduction text to inform or alert the clinical personnel/subjects of certain factors when filling the form.
  • Custom Colour Labels – Lets you control which Colour and Label name each Indication has. You can add up to 20 colours.

    Tip: By default there are 20 colour labels, but if you chose eg. 3 custom colour labels, only 3 colours will be available for the Subject when marking up the image. This way you can assure that the Subject doesn’t use any labels that weren't intended for marking. 

Question Details

The Question(s) you choose will be displayed every time the Subject marks an image using colour labels, and will be answered just as when answering a Form. In SMART-TRIAL, you can select from up to 16 pre-defined question types. Each question type contains:

  • Question text - Each question type requires you to specify the question text.
  • Mandatory/Optional - Select whether the question is mandatory to answer or not.
  • Image as Question - Upload an image to your question.
  • Advanced Options - Modify the question visibility (show rule), enable a help text to be shown under the question and Export Labels. Read more in our Advanced Options article.
  • Possibilities - Specify options for response, score values, upload images and more.
  • Export Labels – Lets you define the Labels when Exporting, see more in Export Labels article.

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